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The Sqwincher brand has a history in the industrial market that's been well established for decades. Creating marketing content has always been the traditional photo shoot. Looking forward, they recognized the potential for virtual content creation, and the pandemic presented the perfect opportunity to explore it even further.


Working from reference images, factory blueprints, and artwork from the creatives at Sqwincher, we rebuilt each product by hand in the computer. We generated the geometry not only for high res print, but also knowing that we would be animating later, keeping edge loops and surface flow clean, accurate and efficient.

Sqwincher 3D

Client: Kent Precision Food Group

Agency: Mindvolt

During the Covid outbreak, in-person production came to a halt. Mindvolt and KPFG approached us with the proposition to generate their complete library in 3D — entirely remote. Imagery needed to be generated for any content creation needs at any given moment. They can now make changes to packaging artwork and have updated imagery in a matter of minutes and hours — not weeks.


Delivery would be for various formats, ranging from thumbnails on Amazon and images for the site, to high resolution print and later animation. The library allows new artwork to be updated in a matter of minutes and delivered to the Sqwincher team by end of day.

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