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Motion graphics, design, and animation for explainer videos come together through the use of Maxon Cinema 4D 3D software and Adobe After Effects 2D compositing. Additional work was also created in Illustrator and Photoshop. Video editing was finished in Premiere Pro.

Joe Walker

Owner / Designer

Erin Walker

Lucy Walker

What's it all about?

Symbolic was created, in name, as a nod to the original ".com" and wizards of computer animation, Symbolics Inc. — In practice, years of working in post production, under the pressure of sales and account executives has been the driver behind Symbolic from the beginning. Putting creative potential front and center, and following a deep passion for computer arts is the essence of all that I do. Bringing the best creatives to the table, and growing a collective of talented, passionate artists is the "we" in Symbolic as a virtual studio.

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