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Discovery - We sat down with the awesome people at Mindvolt and KPFG and learned all about the product they were bringing to market, their goals, and what they liked with other brands in their brand's space. We developed moodboards to find the direction we wanted to take for look and style.

“Your great work on PKLfreeze is everywhere, today. Our official launch went off great!”

— Bryan Elmore / Kent Precision Foods Group

Motion graphics, design, and animation for explainer videos come together through the use of Maxon Cinema 4D 3D software and Adobe After Effects 2D compositing. Additional work was also created in Illustrator and Photoshop. Video editing was finished in Premiere Pro.

Strategy & Concept

Leveraging the time constraints of pre-roll on YouTube, we wanted to get the most from the six seconds we had to grab the viewers attention. Brand and flavor colors, along with all out intensity of ice bursting from the inside out, gave us the perfect avenue to grab some eyeballs. We planned for two different frame aspect ratios to accommodate Instagram as well as Facebook and YouTube.


Client: Kent Precision Food Group

Agency: Mindvolt

Bringing a new brand onto the beverage market required some explosive content for the site launch and ads on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Our experience with KPFG's Sqwincher brand, allowed our creative thinking to be in sync with their internal team, and shave days off of production time.


With all the digital tools involved in production, ironically pencil and paper are indispensable to get ideas communicated quickly. Storyboarded, scanned into the computer, and chopped up in the editing timeline, let us remove or change any unwanted camera angles, movements and most of all — lock down the timing. Styleframes are generated to communicate what the final art will look like before moving into animation.


Building off of the animatic and styleframes, we move in to the home stretch of building out all of the animation, final lighting and texturing. Low resolution renders are passed on for approval before final high res renders are locked down and delivered.

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