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Taking the ideas further to really nail down the scenes, camera angles and intended movement, allowed us to move quickly through the storyboarding phase.

Elevate Money Market

Client: Max Credit Union

Agency: Symbolic

MAX Credit Union's marketing team already had a vision for what they wanted to see. The "Elevate Money Market" is a new type of account that encourages saving for whatever life puts in your path — Vacation, emergencies, or investments. They wanted the story told through animation. The designs, color and tone had to all be in sync with the MAX internal team and their concurrent collateral work on the campaign.


Already having a vision of what they wanted to see for the release of their new product, working with the Max team was awesome. Handing over a set of sketches detailing the concept they were wanting to create, we got to jump in with both feet and get started refining the ideas, starting with *moodboards — samples pulled from around the web.


Once the final storyboards were approved, boardomatics were generated to fine tune pacing, timing and eliminate any unnecessary frames. Styleframes were used to workout the final designs and move quickly into animation. Surprisingly, the design phase can take as long, if not longer, than the animating phase.


With sign-off points reached on concept, script, storyboards, boardomatics, and styleframes, we move into the animation phase — the home stretch. Usually the last half of the production schedule is spent in the software, making the magic happen. Rough renders, or animatics, were used to finalize the final editing, sound and picture. We generated :30 and :15 cutdowns of the final animation.

*Artwork pulled for moodboards was used for reference only. No artwork was used in the final production.

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