Valiant Cross Academy

The Challenge

When we have the opportunity to help good people continue to do good things, more often than not we don't let it pass us by — and Valiant Cross Academy is one of those opportunities. Working with High 5 Productions' outstanding photography along with carefully selected music, we used motion graphics to visually tell a story that required no recorded video — just careful consideration and planning.

The Concept

Experiencing Valiant Cross personally is nearly indescribable. The discipline, respect and love that's shared between the students and teachers is striking and infectious. Knowing how much of an impact these leaders are having on the lives of these young men, we designed around the idea of one of the students reliving his memories. What emotions are imprinted in their minds as they're shaped into new men? How do we show those feelings without narration or live action footage? What do these memories look like?


The Process

Once the concept was finalized and music was selected, we move into storyboarding and style frames to lock down the look and feel. All of our assets being photography gave us an extra level of precision when designing the sequence. Where we typically would have to redraw frames by hand, we were able to spend more time planning with the actual shots. Decisions were made to streamline the editing workflow and keep us focused on the story.